Monday, December 28, 2009

Facebook Page is Up

OK..... So I finally made a facebook. I am throwing myself to the world....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Time...

Christmas Flower
Finished December 4 2009
Watercolor - Van Gogh
(15" x 22") on Arches
For the holiday season...

Getting Colder Out There

Finished December 3 2009
Watercolor - Van Gogh
(15" x 22") on Arches
When I began this piece I kind of disliked it. I kept working on it and when I put the last wash on I discovered I liked it alot.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tyger Tyger

Carol likes to call this "Tiger Secrets"
Finished November 2009
Watercolor - Van Gogh brand
( 22" x 30") on Arches
This is a self portrait of me... I really wanted to challenge myself with this one and I feel like I learned a lot from the experience. Finishing this really inspired me to push further and really become devoted to my painting. I finally feel like I am getting on a path ....

Piece of a Landscape

" Piece of a Landscape"
Finished November 2009
Watercolor- Van Gogh brand
(15" x 20") on Arches
For this piece I received one part of a full image. My class put all the images together to form one huge watercolor painting. The variety of techniques and styles makes the work as a whole very interesting.... I'll try to snag a picture of it next time...

Swimming in Fall SOLD !!!!

"Swimming in Fall"
Finished October 2009
Gloss Media & Watercolor - Van Gogh brand
(14-1/2"x 21-1/2")
On this one I first coated the paper with a glossy opaque paint, let it dry, and began with the watercolor paint. The glossy coat created an almost plastic surface which caused the watercolor paint to bead up. This created a really unique texture but I didn't really like using it. I would however like to use it in backgrounds and possibly on certain areas of a piece....just not the whole thing. Also the surface of this piece is fragile because of the gloss media, it'll wipe off easily..
SOLD !!!


Finished September 2009
Watercolor - Van Gogh brand
(14-1/2 x 20")

This is literally the very first complete watercolor painting I have done. I like to think it was a good start ...

Here We Go

These are my very first attempts at watercolor painting.

I attend Maryville University and these paintings are from my " Into to Painting" I am extremely fortunate to have Carol Carter introduce this media ... Thank you so so much !!!

These images are temporary because the quality is lacking .... I will re-post them soon !!!

They are in chronological order of creation.

Newest one's on top...

First Blog Entry !

So, I am very excited to finally be putting my artwork up and talking about it for the very first time. I hope you guys enjoy it.